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New book by Michael Allen Tate guides readers on a journey of career discovery

    Alabama Baptist contributing writer pens The White Shirt

    NEW YORK — The Alabama Baptist contributor Michael Allen Tate has released a new self-help book titled The White Shirt: Find Your Peaceful & Life-Giving Career at Any Stage of Life. Published by Morgan James, The White Shirt guides readers in finding their best career path through an inspiring story. It is written for anyone looking for a new career, no matter their stage in life, and includes a practical, step-by-step process with online videos.

    The White Shirt tells the ancient story of Cyrus as he ventures into the world to determine his fate. Along this journey, he struggles for his own answers to three questions: Who am I? Where is my place in the world? How do I find it? He learns a few timeless lessons that can be applied to anyone who is facing a life/work transition today.

    The White Shirt was designed to help people make the pivotal, yet often challenging, transition into a new career. This transition can occur at many different points in one’s life, whether graduating from college, struggling to find a job, reentering the workforce, or desiring a late in life career change. The White Shirt provides direction on how to make this transition not only possible but a smooth process as well. It also helps readers ensure they enter the best possible career for themselves.


    Michael Alan Tate is an author, executive consultant and career coach with more than 20 years of experience. He is the author of Design a Life that Works, which teaches people how to balance their family, career, and faith. He also writes a blog, titled the Leadership and Life Journal at He graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the founder and president of On the Same Page Consulting. He currently lives in Alabama and is an active outdoorsman.