Stephen Chavez, ACP Board Member 2018

Stephen Chavez

I’ve been a member of the Associated Church Press for nearly 25 years. When I first started attending annual ACP Conventions I wondered what benefits I would receive. One of the challenges of editing a magazine or periodical is the tyranny of deadlines. One tends to do the same things again and again, rarely having the luxury of talking to peers who work for other publications. ACP conventions over the years have been invaluable in terms of helping me sharpen my skills, introducing me to new methods and resources, and challenging me with thoughtful keynote speakers and presentations. As one of the editors of Adventist Review/Adventist World magazines, most of my work takes place within the confines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. My association with peers from other denominations in the Associated Church Press has been one of the great pleasures of my professional life.

The ongoing work of the Associated Church Press goes beyond the benefits found at the annual convention and through the Best of the Church Press contest and your tax deductible contribution to the ACP Legacy Fund is an essential part of growing that mission.

Stephen Chavez
Assistant Editor
Adventist Review/Adventist World