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Associated Church Press Membership Application

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PHONE: _____________   FAX: ___________
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PUBLICATION TYPE, in a brief phrase:
(EXAMPLES: local synod newspaper, denominational general interest magazine, theological journal, general-interest website, official denominational news service, seminary magazine, children’s publication, clergy newsletter, etc.)
Mail class: (e.g., First Class, Periodical)

Mission Statement or (for individuals)

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PERSON WHO FILLED OUT THIS FORM: ___________________________________
His/her email address and phone number: ___________________________________
Chief contact for most ACP affairs: ___________________________________
His/her email address and phone number: ___________________________________
Membership Agreement:
__ Applicant agrees to send three (3) copies of a recent issue of the publication.
__ Applicant agrees to send payment for a full year’s membership dues. (See dues schedule, next page.)
__ Applicant agrees to add the ACP office to its complimentary-copy mailing list, upon approval of membership.
___ Applicant accepts the terms of ACP’s Statement of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice (see statement at

Applicant’s Signature: ______________________________Date: ________________

(After application for membership is approved, we will ask for your networking information for the membership directory. After approval, members also are asked to add the ACP office to their complimentary-copy mailing list.)

Press Cards

ACP provides up to five photo-ID press cards at no extra charge per organization. Additional cards and replacement cards are $6 per card. E-mail head-and-shoulders photos with clearly identified names as you would have them printed on each card, to AssociatedChurchPress@GMAIL.COM.

Associated Church Press Annual Dues Schedule

PUBLICATION MEMBERSHIP: Open to publications that subscribe to the ACP’s purpose, that are recognized by churches or denominations as church publications, or that serve church constituents. Publication websites designed to promote and enhance the main publication(s) are included in membership dues, unless they meet the criteria for Website-only membership (see below).

Circulation-Based Dues for Publications

                                    Print Periodicals

Below 5,000:                 $150.00

5,000 – 9,999:               $225.00

10,000 – 19,999:            $280.00

20,000 – 29,999:            $350.00

30,000 – 49,999:            $390.00

50,000 – 74,999:            $425.00

75,000 –                        $475.00

Print Newsletters: $150

News Services: $250

Website-only: $175

Open to Websites with independent content of at least 40 percent original material and are produced by a separate staff and leadership. Websites of member publications that meet these criteria should pay for a Website-only membership in addition to dues paid by the publication.

Individuals: $75 regular; $50 for students

Open to freelance writers, bloggers, journalists, designers and photographers, as well as former ACP publication-member staff. This includes religion writers for secular media and church media officers.

Affiliate Membership: $550

Open to non-print-publishing businesses or individuals whose work is related to religious communication, such as think tanks, research organizations, companies and individuals who provide printing, public relations and marketing, fundraising, consulting and Web development. Includes one-time use of ACP mail list and 20-percent discount on any ACP sponsorship (convention, web page, event, ACP project or publication.


(1) See PayPal option above, or
Print out and complete an application form.

(2) Determine you membership fee and make your check payable to Associated Church Press. 

(3) Enclose three copies of a recent issue of your publication and place them in an envelope with your initial membership dues check or PayPal receipt; and

(4) Mail to:

Associated Church Press
109 State St

Louisville, KY 40206
Phone: (503) 583-8655


ALL DUES MUST BE PAID IN FULL to enter the annual ACP “Best of the Christian Press” Awards competition in early January. Additionally, renewing Publication Members that make use of the U.S. Postal Service are asked to pay a modest contribution to fund ACP’s extensive Postal Advocacy activities that are undertaken on their behalf.

CALL THE ACP OFFICE FOR any questions about YOUR DUES:
(503) 583-8655