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Christian Century adapts editorial and writing staff following Heim’s retirement

    Christian Century staff online meeting screenshot.

    Following the February retirement of longtime editor-in-chief David Heim, ACP member publication the Christian Century adapted the roles of several existing staff members rather than replacing him directly.

    Peter Marty took the title editor/publisher, which names his oversight over editorial matters along with business ones. Steve Thorngate was promoted to managing editor and now runs the day-to-day editorial operations, working closely with Amy Frykholm and Elizabeth Palmer, both now senior editors.

    This month, the Christian Century magazine welcomed Jessica Mesman as a new associate editor. The move caps 15 months of transition within the editorial staff of the ACP member publication.

    It began in July 2019, when Dawn Araujo-Hawkins joined the magazine’s staff. The reporter and editor, an alumna of Sojourners, Timbrel, and the National Catholic Reporter’s Global Sisters Report, took over the Century’s news section.

    In the fall, the magazine filled two new positions focused on online engagement, social media, and connections between editorial and marketing. Katara Patton, who has worked as an editor at Jet, the African American Pulpit, the Chicago Defender, and several book publishers, came on in October as community engagement editor, with a focus on deepening relationships with readers.

    Trice Gibbons, who joined in November in the role of audience development editor, has the parallel task of trying to reach new readers. The marketing professional came to the Century from Abingdon Press after working in the health-care sector.

    Mesman, the new associate editor, will primarily play a content editing role. She has done similar work for Image and Creative Nonfiction, along with founding the blog Sick Pilgrim. She is the award-winning author of four books, including Love and Salt.

    “The breadth of talent these new editors bring to the Century is inspiring,” said Marty. “They feed off each other’s creativity and faith so naturally.