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Due to the cancellation of the Religion Communication Congress 2020 gathering, we're offering the RCCongress 2020 Webinar Series through April and early May.


Faith Digest

  • Stephen Chavez, ACP Board Member 2018

    One of the things that’s become more apparent during the recent COVID-19-pocolypse is the degree to which society is interrelated. We knew we had to depend on nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. We knew (at least subconsciously) the huge debt we owe to teachers. But who could’ve imagined the

  • Associated Church Press member publication Broadview Magazine has been nominated for five awards in the 2020 Canadian National Magazine Awards.

  • Celeste Kennel-Shank, ACP Board Member 2018

    As journalists and communications professionals, we deal in information. We like to know about what’s happening and share what we learn. We have spent our careers honing our abilities to do that. That makes it especially difficult right now to be surrounded by unknowns.  When hearing the 23rd Psalm read

  • Stephen Chavez, ACP Board Member 2018

    Now that the most unusual Holy Week observance in recent history is behind us, our duty as Christian communicators remains the same: to build up the church, inform society, encourage those who are oppressed, and insist on justice for those who are marginalized. And we have to do this in

  • In light of the cancellation of the Religion Communication Congress 2020 gathering due to coronavirus restrictions, the cooperating organizations of RCCongress 2020 have scheduled the following livestream webinar events as part of our commitment to professional development and recognition of excellence. Although the organizers recognize meeting virtually is not that same as