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Due to the cancellation of the Religion Communication Congress 2020 gathering, we're offering the RCCongress 2020 Webinar Series through April and early May.


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  • In light of the cancellation of the Religion Communication Congress 2020 gathering due to coronavirus restrictions, the cooperating organizations of RCCongress 2020 have scheduled the following livestream webinar events as part of our commitment to professional development and recognition of excellence. Although the organizers recognize meeting virtually is not that same as

  • Associated Church Press2019 Best of the Church Press Awards Covenant Companion – 2019 Best in Class Award of Excellence recipient for Denominational Magazine Over 150 people joined our livestream broadcast of the 2019 Associated Church Press Best of the Church Press Awards presentation today. Jana Blazek of the Presbyterian Outlook and ACP

  • Stephen Chavez, ACP Board Member 2018

    The last few years have been chaotic ones on practically every level: socially, racially, politically, religiously, even (sometimes) personally. Our responsibility as religious journalists has never been more necessary. In the midst of confusion and panic, our voice not only helps our readers (listeners, viewers) separate fact from fiction, it

  • By WACC Staff The World Association for Christian Communication’s Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) received the Donald H. McGannon Award today and its global coordinator, Sarah Macharia, described it as an affirmation of the project, the network of volunteers, and the movement for gender equality. “It inspires us not to

  • In late summer and early fall of 2019, the Associated Church Press conducted a survey of its member publications, partner publications and the religious journalism publishing space to collect data on freelance use and rates. The results are now in and compiled into a first-annual report that can be downloaded at