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Pew study finds 70 percent of American adults are spiritual

    Pew Research Center

    In recent decades, Americans have become less likely to identify with an organized religion. Yet a new Pew Research Center survey shows that belief in spirits or a spiritual realm beyond this world is widespread, even among those who don’t consider themselves religious. The survey finds that: 

    • 83% of all U.S. adults believe people have a soul or spirit in addition to their physical body.
    • 81% say there is something spiritual beyond the natural world, even if we cannot see it.
    • 74% say there are some things that science cannot possibly explain.
    • 45% say they have had a sudden feeling of connection with something from beyond this world.
    • 38% say they have had a strong feeling that someone who has passed away was communicating with them from beyond this world.
    • 30% say they have personally encountered a spirit or unseen spiritual force.

    Overall, 70% of U.S. adults can be considered “spiritual” in some way, because they think of themselves as spiritual people or say spirituality is very important in their lives.

    You can read the summary and find the full report at the Pew Research Center website.