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Get your FREE 2024 ACP Press Pass

    Press credentials allow you access to events and locations for the purposes of reporting where others may not be permitted.

    The Associated Church Press issues press passes to current individual members and staff of member publications, providing an assurance of journalistic conduct and contact information for those who may have questions regarding your credentials.

    Members may request press passes for themselves and their staff using this online form. Multiple credentials and photos may be submitted in one session. Please ensure you use the same publication name for all requests in your organization. You will be billed for additional passes when they are mailed.

    Press passes will only be issued to members who are current in their membership dues. If you have not yet paid or renewed your 2019 membership, you may do so at this link.

    All information must be correctly entered for each pass requested including a unique personal name and associated email address, personal cell phone, organizational or personal mailing address and an uploaded photo.

    Photos should be square and cropped similar to passport photos. A 300×300 pixel JPG file will be fine as long as it is cropped.

    Deadline for 2024 press pass requests is February 9, 2024.