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Introducing ACP Member Megan Anderson

    Megan Anderson is webmaster and associate editor of The Interfaith Observer (TIO). Anderson joined the publication right out of college, where she majored in mathematics and theology and minored in psychology.

    “I wanted to know more about women involved in clerical work, and I enjoyed learning about religion,” said Anderson.

    After writing her senior thesis, Anderson was tasked with pitching it to different publications, which led her to Paul Chaffee, the founder of TIO. While TIO does not feature extensive, academic pieces, Chaffee did extend to her the opportunity to work full time after she completed school. The Interfaith Observer allows Anderson to combine her passion of serving others with raising awareness of grassroots activism around the world.

    One of her biggest passions is directed toward preserving the environment. One small example of her care for creation is how she helped save two bats over her lifetime – once when she was a child, and again when she was a camp counselor.

    “Working at TIO has helped fuel my passion about the environment. I think a lot of social crises worldwide can be tied to environmental issues, such as malnutrition, lack of education for women and girls, and mass migration [because of famine],” said Anderson. “I think the human population sees the planet as something to control rather than something to live with.”

    Anderson, a native of Menominee, Wisconsin, is in her mid-twenties. She is based in the Los Angeles metro area.

    By Mylon Medley, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists