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A Most Unusual Holy Week

    Stephen Chavez, ACP Board Member 2018

    Stephen Chavez, ACP Board Member 2018Now that the most unusual Holy Week observance in recent history is behind us, our duty as Christian communicators remains the same: to build up the church, inform society, encourage those who are oppressed, and insist on justice for those who are marginalized. And we have to do this in circumstances that are often less than ideal.

    Most voices indicate that the current situation will continue weeks, maybe months. And it’s not just religious and medical institutions affected; social, political, financial institutions are also being tested. We will all feel the lasting effects of this pandemic before it’s over.

    Now, more than ever we have to live in the light and power of Christ’s resurrection. My word to you is simply to repeat the words of the apostle Paul: “You are light in the Lord. Live as children of light” (Eph. 5:8).

    God bless you as you carry out your important responsibilities.

    Stephen Chavez, president
    Associated Church Press