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Global Media Monitoring Project 2020 Results

    The Associated Church Press is proud to partner with the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), the largest research and advocacy initiative in the world on gender equality in news and journalism.

    The sixth GMMP report includes data from 116 country teams and covers 30,172 stories published in newspapers, broadcast on radio and television, and disseminated on news websites and via news media tweets. It presents a gender analysis on what, if any, has changed in the presence, representation and voice of the subjects and sources in the news since the first GMMP was conducted in 1995.

    The report includes data and analysis on gender representation in Covid-related news stories, and for the first time, the roles of Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, racialized groups, and the elderly in the news.

    The GMMP is coordinated by WACC, a global NGO that promotes communication rights for social justice. The GMMP is a collaborative effort of various women’s rights organizations, grassroots groups, media associations, faith-based / interfaith organizations, university students and researchers around the world. UN Women, the lead United Nations entity on gender equality, has supported GMMP thrice consecutively since 2010.

    Click here to download the sixth GMMP report.