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New Member Spotlight: Christian History

    The ACP would like to extend a warm welcome its newest member publication, Christian History magazine and the Christian History Institute.

    Christian History magazine is a quarterly publication that seeks to bring the story of the church to the people of the church, to see the best in every Christian tradition, and to acknowledge the full and honest story of the church universal. It is committed to capturing the reader’s imagination through unique images and vivid storytelling, grounded in the best contemporary scholarship. Each issue features accessible history that focuses on one general topic, written by a team of hand-picked, trustworthy historians. Subscriptions to CHM are offered on a donation basis at its website:

    Managing Editor, Jennifer Woodruff Tait, suggested CHM consider becoming members of ACP because its purposes align and she thought it would be beneficial to get connected with church press members.

    “As a publication that seeks to tell the history of various denominations and traditions across Christendom, we agree!” said Woodruff Tait. “An ACP membership broadens our audience and association with like-minded Christians who who pursue excellence in journalism and who see the value of partnerships that build up the body of Christ.”