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Award Winning Entry: The Christian Chronicle

    What goes into making a Best in Class entry in our Newspaper contest category? Judges commend 2021’s winner The Christian Chronicle

    The judges have spoken and we’ve decided to take a peek into some of our winning category entries from the 2021 Associated Church Press Best of the Church Press awards contest.

    First up, and first in our program guide as category #1, is the award for best Newspaper. In 2021, we received six entries in this category. Several of these newspapers are perennially vying for top place in this category and this year the award went to The Christian Chronicle.

    With a tagline of “An international newspaper for Churches of Christ,” the newspaper does indeed cover news and events of the Churches of Christ but also delves into national events, politics and other concerns with a balanced perspective for people of faith.

    One of the three judges for this category said, “This paper contains a good mix of current events (usually covered from a faith angle relevant to its readers), editorial and denominational/church news. Of the entries, I felt this one read the most like a traditional newspaper and seemed to have the most balanced coverage and viewpoints. I appreciated the diversity of topics and writers represented.”

    In the sample February 2021 issue included in The Christian Chronicle entry bundle, the topics addressed ranged from Christian Nationalism and its role in the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, advocacy for and concerns about the then newly available COVID-19 vaccines, a sampling of denominational news and an international feature on a family’s mission in Croatia.

    From a design perspective, judges noticed The Christian Chronicle’s layout and visual elements saying, “Nice, professional looking front pages with clear and powerful headlines. A clean, traditional newspaper-style layout with good and decent quality photos” and “Nice layout, nice large headlines, nice use of italic subheads. I like the contrast of thick-thin headline type.”

    Judges also commented on the quality of the journalism present in The Christian Chronicle and praised it for its high standards while also serving denominational needs. The editorial mission of the newspaper says as much: “Founded in 1943, The Christian Chronicle is a newspaper committed to the highest standards of journalistic excellence and seeks to inform, inspire and unite Churches of Christ worldwide. The Christian Chronicle is not a teaching or doctrinal publication but a newspaper with news and opinion content in sections clearly labeled. News coverage represents statements of fact according to cited sources.”

    With long-time Editor-in-Chief Bobby Ross Jr. at the helm, assisted by Associate Editor Audrey Jackson (the 2021 Best Emerging Journalist award winner), The Christian Chronicle continues to set a high standard.

    Ross said of receiving the award, “We don’t do what we do to win awards, but it’s always nice to be recognized. The ACP honor inspires us to remain focused on producing quality journalism in a Christian setting.”

    Congratulations to The Christian Chronicle, its staff and all the fine entries in the Best in Class Newspaper category.