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ACP Awards 2017


  1. FIND your certificates on the 2017AwardsPresentation PDF
  2. PROOFREAD and note corrections, additional names, deletions, etc. on your certificates.
  3. ORDER copies by sending email to, NOTING any changes to the certificates.

“Best of the Christian Press” Awards 2017

 WINNERS LIST from the April 28, 2017 Awards Banquet

Each year, the Associated Church Press honors faith communicators’ best work with the “Best of the Christian Press” awards. New and established newspapers, newsletters, magazines, journals, news services, E-zines, bloggers and websites earn kudos, as do the many excellent entries in social media and video. This year’s winners were announced at the annual Awards Banquet at the April 2017 convention in Chicago.


What Makes a Winning “Best of the Christian Press” Entry? This PDF doc shows some concrete examples: A look at ACP Award Winning Entries

AND, Check out the full list of ACP AWARD WINNERS 2016


ACP occasionally confers awards of recognition to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of religious journalism:

  • The William B. Lipphard Award, for Distinguished Service to Religious Journalism. Open to ACP members and nonmembers.
  • and the Citation of Honor, for distinguished service by an ACP member.

The William B. Lipphard Award

This award was established by the Associated Church Press in 1966. It was named to honor Dr. William B. Lipphard (1887-1971), a long-time participant in ACP and its first executive secretary, serving from 1951-1961. The Award is given occasionally to recognize special achievement in the field of religious journalism. The Award is intended to be the highest honor which the Associated Church Press can confer. It is also the broadest inasmuch as its recipient need not be nor have been a participant in the Associated Church Press. The Lipphard Award is intended to honor individuals who have satisfied at least one of these criteria:

  • Have made distinguished contributions in the field of religious journalism over a significant period of time;
  • Have performed with unusual distinction, courage, or integrity in the religious press;
  • Have contributed influence which has markedly changed or advanced the ideals for which ACP stands;
  • Possess the personal qualities and talents held to be exemplary in the whole field.

The Lipphard Award is conferred upon the recommendation of a jury chosen by the Board of Directors upon nomination.  The following individuals have been recipients of The William B. Lipphard Award For Distinguished Service To Religious Journalism:

  • Alfred P. Klausler — 1974
  • Lillian R. Block — 1980
  • Penny Lernoux — 1990
  • Betty Thompson — 1994
  • Roger R. Kahle — 1999
  • John Stapert — 2016

The Citation of Honor is for Outstanding Contributions to the ACP or Religious Journalism by an ACP member.

Citations of Honor are conferred upon individuals in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Associated Church Press and/or the field of religious journalism. Nominations should be sent to the Executive Director. Please include the names of two additional persons who are prepared to endorse the nomination. The Executive Committee will make its recommendation to the Board of Directors, which has authority to confer citations during a convention or at another specified time and place.

The following individuals have been recipients of ACP’s Citation of Honor:

  • C. Ray Dobbins — 1979
  • A. C. Forrest — 1980
  • Kenneth L. Wilson — 1981
  • J. Martin Bailey — 1984
  • Edwin H. Maynard — 1984
  • Willmar L. Thorkelson — 1984
  • Roland E. Wolseley — 1984
  • W. C. Fields — 1987
  • James A. Doyle — 1988
  • John Stapert — 1988
  • Ernie Homewood — 1989
  • Robert E. Burns — 1990
  • Wayne Cowan — 1990
  • Kenneth J. Holland — 1990
  • Arthur Moor — 1990
  • Donald F. Hetzler — 1991
  • Roland R. Hegstad — 1993
  • Jerry Hames — 2011