Historic flooding has left widespread devastation and suffering throughout the U.S., especially southern Louisiana. As of August 18, 11 people have been killed in the flooding, thousands have been displaced and thousands of homes, businesses and churches have been affected.


Louisiana flooding Aug. 18, 2016. Photo by ENS

ACP member communications groups report on the response from people of faith.

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From North American Mission Board News:

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers were aiding survivors within hours, helping where they could and beginning the well-rehearsed ramp up to service that will help bring clean, safe water, warm nutritious meals and compassion in the face of crisis.

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From The Salvation Army:

Baton Rouge, LA – The Salvation Army is doing the most good in two different communities affected by the historic amounts of rainfall that led to severe flooding in 25 parishes in Louisiana and four counties in Mississippi.

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From Episcopal Relief & Development News:

Episcopal Relief & Development is supporting diocesan leaders along the Gulf Coast who are coordinating flood response efforts after several days of heavy rainfall across the region. According to FEMA, the slow-moving storm brought 10-20 inches of rain to Louisiana and the surrounding states beginning August 11, and flooding continues although the heaviest rain has moved on. Louisiana and Mississippi are both under a state of emergency, and the federal government issued a major disaster declaration for Louisiana. At least ten people have died.

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From The Salvation Army:

Baton Rouge, LA. – The historic rainfall causing many areas across Southern Louisiana and parts of Mississippi to flood at record amounts has left hundreds of residents without homes. That means not only will those escaping the flood waters need a place to stay, but also food for the days and weeks to come.

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From The Salvation Army:

The Salvation Army Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Division of Emergency/Disaster Services located in Jackson, Mississippi is coordinating with the Baton Rouge Corps in Louisiana to provide disaster relief resources such as canteens(mobile feeding units), clean up kits/hygene kits, adn support personnel to the affected areas.

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From The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod:

It’s not often that the synod in convention approves something unanimously but this year at convention there was overwhelming support and praise for the work of LCMS Disaster Response. Although when you see the stats it’s easy to see why. Take a look at the resolution.

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From Christian Headlines:

Louisiana has suffered devasting floods over the past week. Christian ministry Samaritian’s Purse is sending out support to those in need. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is also sending chaplains with its Rapid Response Team to minister to flood victims.

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From Faith News Network:

Pastors and Church of God members are being hit with devastating flooding for the second time this year. Over 1,000 people have had to be rescued from their homes, including one of our Church of God pastors who had to be taken by boat after more than three feet of water rose in the parsonage. As of late Saturday, at least two people had lost their lives.

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From Black Christian News:

The death toll from historic flooding rose to eight Tuesday as sweeping floodwaters that have damaged more than 40,000 homes continued to overwhelm Baton Rouge and much of southern Louisiana.

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From Charisma News:

At least seven people have died in floods plaguing Louisiana. More rain is forecast later in the week. So far, more than 20,000 people have been evacuated from flooded areas, a number that is expected to rise as rain falls on saturated ground. More than 12,000 people remain in shelters this morning. Even Governor John Bel Edwards had to be evacuated as chest-high waters filled the basement of the Governor’s Mansion and cut off electricity.

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From Orthodox Christian Network:

Although newscasts report that the state is back in business after the rain has seceded, his experience has been that “large numbers of lives have not gone back to anything close to normal and may never go back to what was normal.”

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From Saint James Blog:

Please be aware of the following resources for supplying aid and skills to Historic Ellicott City Flood Relief. ‪#‎ECStrong

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From Metanoia:

As the week progressed, flood response efforts began to coalesce and become clear at a County level. Additionally, Metanoia is in the midst of helping form a faith-based, grassroots effort for long-term flood response. Much progress has been made in clearing debris along Main Street and further up the hill in the west end area of Frederick Road.

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From Operation Blessing International:

LOUISIANA – Another round of deadly flooding has struck Louisiana, with over 2,500 homes flooded, 20,000 people needing rescue and many more impacted by floodwaters. Operation Blessing’s disaster relief team has deployed to deliver help and hope to flood victims.

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From Christian Reformed Church:

Unbelievably, last weekend’s flooding was even worse than the unprecedented, historic disaster Louisiana residents experienced last spring, according to Len and Carrie Blaukamp, regional managers for World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) in a response to the March – and now August’s floods.

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From The Layman Online:

Record flooding over the weekend in parts of Louisiana has left thousands homeless and as many as a half dozen people dead. The Presbytery of South Louisiana says the heavy rains with as much as six to 10 inches, took everyone by surprise.

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From The United Methodist Church Michigan Area:

Two years ago the rain fell in Detroit, and fell, and fell. When the rain stopped falling on August 11, 2014 the city and its environs had endured what was to later be named the largest federally declared disaster of the year. However, it was not the government but The United Methodist Church that stayed the course of long-term recovery over the 24 months that followed.

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From United Methodist Committee on Relief:

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) supported the conference initiative with training for its district disaster response coordinators to familiarize them with equipment and resources at the New Vision Depot in Beaver, W.V., and provide a refresher in early response practices.

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From Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America:

The V. Rev. Samuel Haddad of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Beckley addressed those assembled at the Archdiocesan Clergy Symposium this week to offer to His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph, His Grace Bishop Thomas, all of the hierarchs, and our clergy for their support for the suffering people in West Virginia who were devastated by the recent flood. Twenty six lives were lost and as many as 4,000 homes were catastrophically damaged; 2,000 homes were completely destroyed. The storm has been called a “once in 1,000 year meteorological event.”

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From Christian Aid Ministries:

Major flooding over the weekend killed at least six people in Louisiana and forced more than 20,000 people to evacuate. Thousands of homes have been damaged. CAM’s Rapid Response team members are bracing themselves for what will likely become a large-scale flood cleanup project in Louisiana.

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From The United Methodist Church news:

First United Methodist Church in Denham Springs, Louisiana, was proud to be a Red Cross Shelter for people flooded out of their homes late last week.

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From Christian Index:

DULUTH — Georgia Baptists are responding to nonstop rains in Louisiana from what has been described as “an inland Tropical Depression” – leaving seven dead and as many as 15,000 homes and businesses flooded – through collecting Buckets of Care.

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From NCN News:

A deluge of unusually heavy rains late last week caused unprecedented flooding in southern Louisiana and parts of Mississippi. At least six people died in the record-level floods, which also forced tens of thousands of people from their homes. Thousands of families are in shelters and cannot return home because their homes are flooded.

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From Baptist Press:

David Denton, pastor of Highland Baptist Church in New Iberia, used Facebook to speak to church members after Sunday services were cancelled.

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From St. Louis Review:

BATON ROUGE, La. — As Louisiana’s governor announced the federal government had declared a major disaster for the state Aug. 14, Catholic churches in the Baton Rouge Diocese called for volunteers to help those displaced by extreme flooding and asked flood victims what assistance they needed.

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From EWTN News:

In southern Louisiana, the flooding is perhaps unprecedented. And the local Catholic Charities is stepping up to help, even as its own staff is affected by the disasters.“This is something that we’ve never experienced before,” David C. Aguillard, executive director of Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge, told EWTN News.

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From Episcopal News Service:

[Episcopal Relief & Development] Episcopal Relief & Development is in contact with diocesan leaders along the Gulf Coast who are coordinating flood response efforts after several days of heavy rainfall across the region.

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From EDoLA News:

In the wake of the flooding in the Baton Rouge area, I wanted to touch base with you to let you know where we stand as a diocese. Over the weekend, I was in regular contact with many of our congregations and clergy. As you know, the severity and speed of this storm caught all of us by surprise.

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From North American Mission Board News:

ALPHARETTA, GA — A new four-wheeled tenant took up temporary residence in the North American Mission Board (NAMB) parking lot recently. It departed for its new home August 11. NAMB’s first self-contained, mobile kitchen unit is headed to Aurora, Colo., to service the western states. The new resource was given as a gift by the Crook County Fire Auxiliary in Sundance, Wyo. The kitchen was an answer to years of faithful prayer.

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From The North Georgia Conference:

Please join us in praying for those affected by the flooding in Louisiana over the weekend. UMCOR is working on an emergency grant and request for relief supplies from the Louisiana Conference and several churches have been converted to shelters for those who have been displaced.

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From Texas Annual Conference:

As I’m sure you are aware, the State of Louisiana is suffering from another historic flooding event. While we praise God that we appear to have been spared another round of widespread flooding in the Texas Annual Conference, our heart nonetheless breaks for our sisters and brothers in Louisiana. Our two conferences have a long history of supporting each other through times of disaster, and I know you are all eager to help our neighbors.

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From Louisiana Conference:

The flooding in south Louisiana continues as residents in Ascension Parish are now experiencing similar backwater flooding that residents in Livingston and East Baton Rouge Parish experienced Sunday.

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From The Kentucky Annual Conference news:

Please be in prayer for those affected by the widespread flooding in Louisiana. As the flooding continues many more residents are experiencing flooding.

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From Christian Telegraph:

Sermons by social media became a means of disaster response Aug. 14 amid record rainfall and flooding across south Louisiana. David Denton, pastor of Highland Baptist Church in New Iberia, used Facebook to speak to church members after Sunday services were cancelled, Christian Telegraph reports according to Baptist Press.

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From Sisters of Charity of Nazareth:

It was a declared a major disaster in West Virginia. Flash flooding left at least 23 people dead. The floods have been called the worst in a century for portions of the state.

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From The Gospel Herald:

Mercy Chefs, a Virginia-based nonprofit and faith-based disaster relief organization on Sunday deployed their team of professional chefs and volunteers, along with their mobile kitchens and refrigerated trailer, to feed thousands in the Baton Rouge, La., region, while residents seek to recover from record-setting flooding. Mercy Chefs’ team members are now on-site in the disaster zone, starting to serve 7,500 restaurant-quality meals daily for victims, first responders and volunteers.

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From Worthy News:

Gov. John Bel Edwards said that 40,000 businesses and homes are without power and that rescue workers are still “bringing people out of homes to safety,” particularly in the hardest-hit areas around Baton Rouge. More than 500 pets have also been rescued, according to authorities.

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From Presbyterian Disaster Assistance:

PDA has reached out to the Presbytery of South Louisiana and the Presbytery of Mississippi to offer assistance. As of August 16th, National Response Team deployments have not been issued, but will do so upon invitation when it is safe. An initial grant and a church damage grant has been sent to the Presbytery of South Louisiana.

Read Full story: https://pda.pcusa.org/situation/gulf-flooding-2016/

From The Visitor:

BATON ROUGE, La. (CNS) — As Louisiana’s governor announced the federal government had declared a major disaster for the state Aug. 14, Catholic churches in the Baton Rouge Diocese called for volunteers to help those displaced by extreme flooding and asked flood victims what assistance they needed.

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From Catholic Charities USA:

In December 2015, Jefferson County, Mo. faced a severe flooding crisis. Mild temperatures and excessive rain caused the Mississippi and Meramec Rivers to overflow, spilling into small creeks throughout the area. In just a few days, residents in that region lost their homes, possessions and sense of community.

Read Full story: https://catholiccharitiesusa.org/stories/flood-waters-cannot-stop-the-spirit-of-service

From Church of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc. news:

A storm churning in the Gulf Coast has again flooded thousands of homes in South Central Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Over 10,000 people have been staying in shelters, and thousands have been rescued from their roof tops by boat in Louisiana! The President declared the area a National Disaster. We were ready to respond because of your support!

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From UMC.org

First United Methodist Church in Denham Springs, Louisiana, was proud to be a Red Cross Shelter for people flooded out of their homes late last week.

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From Baptist and Reflector:

Slow-moving storms are causing record flooding and significant damage as they move across South Louisiana. Thousands of residents have evacuated, at least three people have died and there is significant property damage and loss to more than 50,000 homes.

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From The Christian Chronicle:

“All the neighbors said it will be fine. We’ve never had water here,” Melanie Chelette, a member of the Goodwood Church of Christ in Baton Rouge, La., told The Christian Chronicle.

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