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What makes a winning contest entry?

    What Makes a Winning “Best of the Christian Press” Entry?

    Our Associate Director and Awards Guru Catherine Kohn examines some of the best of the best for 2013.

    Download the PDF:
    A Look At ACP Award Winning Entries-3

    Award winners 2013

    The Associated Church Press honored our members’ best work of 2012 at the annual ACP “Best of the Christian Press” awards banquet, April 4, 2013 at the annual ACP convention in Indianapolis. New and veteran newspapers, newsletters, magazines, journals, news services, E-zines and Web sites took home awards, as did members’ excellent entries in new categories: blogs, social media and video. The Awards Committee has enhanced the entry categories to make the awards experience the most rewarding ever for ACP members.

    Eligible entries for the next round of awards are being submitted this month. Winners will be announced at the annual Awards Banquet at the April 2014 convention in Chicago.

    We have refined our on-line submission process for easier sorting and judging of entries, to help make this year’s awards program fiasco free.

    Here is a look at some of last year’s Award of Excellence winners…

    Interview Excellence 2012 Magazine News Story Excellence 2012 Newspaper Feature Excellence 2012 Newspaper In Depth Excellence 2012 Newspaper News Story Excellence 2012 Personal Experience Short Excellence 2012 Personally Useful Excellence 2012